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Site Surveys

We can accurately survey existing lift installations to meet our clients requirements, offering advice where requested. We issue a copy of our survey notes and any photos taken for our clients records.

General Arrangement/Layout Drawings

We can produce bespoke drawings for either a new build[s] [from Architects drawings] or to suit existing buildings [from our site survey details.] The drawings can be producing using our clients borders and layouts so they will be indistinguishable from “in house” drawings. If this isn’t required we use our own border and layout.

Manufacturing Drawings

We can produce manufacturing drawings for lift components ranging from a guide shoe adaptor to a full lift installation to suit our clients need. We have 2D and 3D capabilities, and can also provide DXF flat panel development drawings.

Ad-hoc Advice

We are always available to offer our expert advice to our clients as and when it’s required.